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M. McGregor - Because: Why the hell not?

Apparently, you can call me Mac.

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M. McGregor
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I call meself M. McGregor. Some people have taken to calling me Mac, which is fine by me. My dastardly parents and their foul contempt for first names haunts me every day of my life. Who names a child M?

Okay, so technically they aren't the ones who named me M. I was the one who named me M. But that's besides the point!

Anyhow, I use this journal for several things. Its main purpose is for me to put up any fiction I write, fan or otherwise. It's mostly Buffyverse Xander-centric fiction, although I have threatened to subject everyone to other stuff from time to time.

Other than that, this is also the soapbox I use to complain about just about everything, promote scientific skepticism, and talk about comic books and other totally adult things like that.

Oh and I guess I should add a friending policy: basically my policy is you can friend me all you like, just understand that I'm lazy and picky about who I friend back. More laziness than pickiness, really.

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