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FIC: The Wonderland Subject (1/?)

I told you fic was coming. Granted, it's taken longer than I expected, and already this fic is going places I didn't expect it to go, but at least it's going there. More to come soon.

Title: The Wonderland Subject

Author: M. McGregor

Summary: During an attempt to retrieve a Slayer from a dangerous situation, Xander Harris falls into the rabbit hole. What happens after he falls back out again? Crossover.

Warnings: Violence, misery, language (English, mostly, nyuk nyuk), and superpowers and Xander in the same sentence more than once. If you can go see an R rated movie without having a heart attack, you'll be fine.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or these concepts. I'm just using them to play. Oh, I do own this one character though, he's called Shammy Cloth, and I expect ten dollars from everyone by the end of the fiscal quarter for the privilege of knowing about his existence. He's a jazz pianist who can see through clocks thanks to an uppity genie who granted him his wish to be able to see through time. Oh Shammy, what wacky hijinks will you get up to next?

Shammy's not in this story, but cough up my ten bucks anyway, cheapskates.

Note: In an attempt to follow my own rules, I will do my very best to make sure the crossover portion of this Buffy story is explained within the actual story itself, and that readers don't actually have to be familiar with the source material in order to enjoy it. This story is a Buffyverse story first and everything else second.

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