M. McGregor (m_mcgregor) wrote,
M. McGregor

Screw you, news media.

Do you know how goddamn hard I work at not getting spoiled for the one stupid comic book I still think is worth reading these days? Almost every other comic I like is cancelled, cut short, infected by horrible crossover events, or given to crappy writers, but Ultimate Spider-Man has managed to maintain its quality (despite a brief hiccup of art that I hated) for about ten years now.

But does the news care about that? Does the news care that I might be enjoying the series, and would like to read it without them BLARING EVERY FUCKING SPOILER ON THE FRONT PAGE OF EVERY WEBSITE, NEWSPAPER, AND TELEVISION SHOW THEY HAVE?

What the hell is it with comic books and spoilers that people seem to think it's perfectly fine to spew them out instantly even before the book has come out? I managed to avoid major spoilers from USM when it was on the front page of the New York Times a few months ago, but Kotaku apparently decided that 18 hours of the book being out was good enough for them, and so put the major development of the latest issue in the headline on their main page.

What if Harry Potter had been released and the New York Times posted the major spoilers for the last book three months ahead of time? What if it came out and inside of 24 hours every major review site and news organization had headlines full of spoilers?

Damn it. The one stupid comic I actually like these days, and the world seems determined to ruin it for me.

Tags: comic books, mac and his ever growing rage, mac hates the news

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