M. McGregor (m_mcgregor) wrote,
M. McGregor

Great Random Xander Story List Update

So I know I said I would respond to story idea suggestions for The Great Random Xander Story a few weeks ago, but you should all know by now that my vast reserves of laziness would never let that happen quite so quickly. I have just now finally responded, so if you left an idea and I never replied, now's the time to check back.

Also, somehow my LJ settings were set to screen anonymous comments for like a week there, so if you tried to submit an idea and it looked like it never posted, that's why. I've since turned screening back off.

Finally, as for the First Iteration, I'm still working on that, but I think I may start Iteration 3 soon as well. Iteration 1 is at a tough part that I'm trying to slog my way through, so it may be good to try something else for a little while and then go back.

(Oh, and if I haven't replied to you yet, feel free to leave a comment here, because if I haven't replied on the main thread yet it's because I completely missed your post in the first place. There are 270 comments on that entry now, so it's a big hard to go through it all.)
Tags: the great random xander story

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