M. McGregor (m_mcgregor) wrote,
M. McGregor

Open letter to the internet

My dearest internet,

I know you're desperate for the next big meme to make your life worth living, and I understand that you're deeply interested in watching people's personal lives crumble into dust right before your very eyes, but I was kind of hoping you'd draw the line with this Charlie Sheen nonsense. Call me crazy, but I don't find it at all amusing or hilarious to watch a man who should be in jail for domestic abuse flaunt his insanity.

Charlie Sheen held a knife to his wife's throat and threatened to kill her, but he's famous, so he doesn't go to jail. Or she's a gold digger, so she deserves it.

That's not funny. He's not funny. His mental state is not funny. This entire thing is sad, and the more you giggle and twitter over every insane thing he says, the less serious it becomes. Charlie Sheen's life is not a joke, it's a tragedy; not for him, but for the people around him.

But hey, we love a good trainwreck, don't we? I can't wait to retweet the next crazy thing he says!

M. McGregor, the living legend (so dreamy!)
Tags: mac hates the news, mac is a snob

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