M. McGregor (m_mcgregor) wrote,
M. McGregor

Behold, my greatest creation:

At long last, the time is upon us. For too long, my greatness has been kept hidden from the world; trapped beneath the thin veneer of mundanity that no longer serves my purpose. Can you even begin to imagine the resolve it took to pass myself off as one of you? I, for whom even godhood itself would be an insult?

No longer. Today marks the beginning of a new age; one in which I take my place as rightful ruler of this pathetic little world. Yes. Tremble in terror, fools, as I enact my most cunning plan yet: talking like an over the top supervillain for absolutely no reason!

If you wish to survive my masterstroke, then you have but one chance. You too must speak like a supervillain to any and all who address you. Only then will you have but a taste of my awesome power.

Think you that I am mad? No! It is you who are mad -- mad to speak as a pirate, mad to speak as a caveman, mad to speak as a brain damaged feline or a dullard gamer! There is but one manner of speech, and that is the speech of supervillainy.

So join me, reader. For you see: we are very much alike, you and I. Together we can rule this world. Stand by my side and we shall crush all those in our path. Oppose me, and I will make sure your death is slow and painful.

Tags: random insanity, talk like a supervillain

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