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Great Random Xander Story List Update - M. McGregor - Because: Why the hell not? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Great Random Xander Story List Update [May. 20th, 2011|02:06 am]
M. McGregor

So I know I said I would respond to story idea suggestions for The Great Random Xander Story a few weeks ago, but you should all know by now that my vast reserves of laziness would never let that happen quite so quickly. I have just now finally responded, so if you left an idea and I never replied, now's the time to check back.

Also, somehow my LJ settings were set to screen anonymous comments for like a week there, so if you tried to submit an idea and it looked like it never posted, that's why. I've since turned screening back off.

Finally, as for the First Iteration, I'm still working on that, but I think I may start Iteration 3 soon as well. Iteration 1 is at a tough part that I'm trying to slog my way through, so it may be good to try something else for a little while and then go back.

(Oh, and if I haven't replied to you yet, feel free to leave a comment here, because if I haven't replied on the main thread yet it's because I completely missed your post in the first place. There are 270 comments on that entry now, so it's a big hard to go through it all.)

From: (Anonymous)
2012-03-17 08:55 am (UTC)
Instead of Vamp-Willow passing through to the BtVS Reality it's Vamp-Xander. Buffy, Willow, Oz, Angel come across Vamp-Xander as he is prowling the Bronze and all draw the same conclusion that they did in the BtVS episode re: Willow. That Xander had been 'turned'. Afraid that because he knows so much about the group that he could use that information to kill them all, the four, plus Giles and Wesley agree that they have to kill Xander before it is to late. Xander is about to enter the Library and over hears a portion of the conversation, what he hears is 'Xander knows too much about their personal weaknesses. That having him roaming Sunnydale is too much of a risk to their safety and their families safety. That he must die tonight.' Fearing that they would soon be on the hunt for him, he flees. He doesn't know where to go. So he runs to Willy's Bar hoping that he might have some undergrond contacts that might help him get out of Sunnydale safely. At the Bar is Whistler who over hears Xander's plight. Because of his connection to the PTB, Willy knows that the Xander the Gang are going to kill is not from this reality. As a Balance Demon, even the ethical-kind, he has to maintain equilibrium. There cannot be two Xander's occupying the same reality (even though he believes the Vamp-Version of Xander will be dust before the night is over). He volunteers his services to Xander to get him far away from the Scoobys as possible. Not thinking to clearly and believing that Angel and Buffy will be busting the door down to Willy's Bar any second he agrees. Whistler uses the power bistowed on him by the PTB and sends Xander to the Wish-verse. He materialises just as the White Hats are celebrating their small victory at destroying their Master's mass production plans for draining the humans of blood. One of the White Hat's believes that Xander is his Vamp-self and is about to stake him when the Wish-verse Buffy stops him, sensing that Xander is human. It doesn't take long for Xander to realise he is in an alternative reality. With most of their crew dead, the White Hats take on Xander as a member. Xander impresses everyone with the skills he had picked up in his verse. The Wish-verse Buffy and BtVS-Xander start love affair. After a month of mourning their friends death at their hands, prior to Graduation, Anya accidently reveals that the Vamp-Xander came from her Wish-verse and that it wasn't the 'real' Xander. The Gang all start to wonder what happened to their Xander. During their search they wind up at Willy's Bar and Willy tells them of the night Xander came in. He also tells them that this Whistler Guy transported Xander to the Wish-verse to restore the 'Balance'. Everyone is told and is terrified, because according to Anya, the Wish-verse is Vamp-Heaven. They all believe that Xander perished there. But Willow does a spell and it reveals that Xander is alive somehow (and not a Vampire). Buffy, Willow, Oz and Giles use magic to transport themselves to the Wish-verse to 'save' Xander. But Xander, his new Girlfriend aka Wish-Buffy, and the other White Hat's who have all heard the story of why and how Xander came to be there all believe they have come to kill him. Scooby's vs White Hats.

Would love to hear from you.
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